Air transportations

Air transportations – are, perhaps, one of the most popular and the delivery types of loads demanded around the world.
In difference, for example, from road haulage this form of transportation is more high-speed and multiple-purpose.
The Formag Forvarding group of companies has 20 years' experience of the organization of domestic and international air transportations.
The wide area network of our representations and long-term traditions of business contacts allow us to offer the clients the extensive list of forwarding services and profitable rates worldwide.

Our services in air transportations
  • Delivery by the principle "from a door to a door".
  • Cargo consolidation from different transport ways.
  • Cargo delivery from a warehouse to the airport terminal and its subsequent loading.
  • Reconciliation of the dispatched and received cargo.
  • Package and cargo repacking.
  • Customs clearance of any complexity.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Monitoring of finding of loads.

Since appearance of aircraft to this day aviacargo delivery did not lose the significance both for the territory of Russia, and beyond its limits.

This type of transportation is the most demanded at courier companies and also in transit perishable products and exceptional loads.

Despite need of connection of additional modes of transport and dependence on meteoconditions, air transportations have mass of pluses.

Aviadelivery benefits
  • Essential saving of time.
  • Large-scale of security of a load.
  • Delivery of cargo to long distances.
  • Possibility of tracing of finding of loads.
  • Cargo delivery precisely according to the schedule.
  • Possibility of delivery both off-gage loads, and loads from 1 kg.

Our many clients appeal to us to optimize transport delivery and to develop other logistic diagrams. Therefore often there are questions of what it is possible to deliver an air transport and what aviadelivery does not extend to.

For what loads air transportations are suitable
  • Documents of any importance.
  • Personal belongings.
  • Off-gage and bulky cargoes.
  • Dangerous goods.
  • Perishable loads, etc.

Thus, it is possible to transport what does not contradict the customs legislation. aviaperevozki-3.jpg In this case a benefit of "Formag Forvarding" is the fact that we are ready to offer our clients aviadelivery of any load-carrying capacity. It gives the chance to transport from one place in another any load and to pass it directly in the receiver's hands. If you are going to consider the possibility of air transportation of the load, then address our managers. We appreciate each client and we try to propose an optimal solution for aviperevozki of a load.

Working with us, you receive not just transport services, but all range of operations with a load from package before delivery to the destination.