Road transport – the most popular and frequently carried out type of transport.

Today, it is an opportunity to transport and deliver cargo to any point in Russia, far and near abroad.

Road transport services of the Formag Forwarding Group
  • International road transport.
  • Regional cargo transportation (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia).
  • Use of various types of vehicles: awning, solid metal, ref, 86-120 cubic meters.
  • Registration of a financial guarantee at the border of the Customs Union.
  • Combined cargo transportation from 100 kg.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo.
  • Cargo insurance.

During its work in the road transport market, the Formag Forwardin Group of companies has developed extensive business relationships with carriers, as well as acquired its own fleet of vehicles.

Our credo is constant control of cargo delivery, prompt solution of difficulties encountered on the way, financial guarantees for the safety of the cargo.

Advantages of road cargo transportation:
  • Affordable prices.
  • Variety of vehicles with different load capacities.
  • Extensive logistics network around the world.
  • The ability to track the movement of goods by satellite navigation.
  • The widest list of cargo types: from solid to liquid and perishable.
  • Continuous movement of goods due to the high mobility of vehicles.
  • Relatively high speed of transportation.

Anyone who has ever encountered road transport knows how troublesome it is.


After all, only at first glance, all you need is to find a vehicle.

You still need to make sure of the technical condition of the vehicle for transportation, prepare the accompanying documents, think about the shortest possible route, track the movement of the cargo – and this is just the initial list of everything you need.

But each item is important and in case of problems entails significant losses.

That is why it is so important to approach the choice of a company for road cargo transportation with maximum responsibility .

How to choose a road transport company?
  • Pay attention to the duration of the company in the market. Trust only those companies that have existed for at least 7-10 years. This guarantees you a high-quality service and no problems with transportation.
  • Remember, the possibility of door-to-door delivery is not a bonus, but a necessary condition for providing the service!
  • An important criterion for choosing a road transport company is the presence of a personal manager and communication with him 24 hours a day.
  • A good indicator of the company's performance is the cargo escort service, which is especially important when transporting valuable cargo.
  • Pay attention to the drivers ' qualifications, conditions for loading and unloading goods.

Pay due attention to these aspects and the road transport will pass without problems, and your cargo will be safe and sound.

In its work, the Formag Forwardin group of companies takes into account every detail, which allows you to count on sending and receiving your cargo at exactly the specified time.

It is very simple to order car cargo transportation: contact us by any type of communication that is convenient for you (e-mail, phone, request via the online form or order a callback).

We will offer you in the shortest possible time the most profitable solution for road transport, which will meet all the requirements and conditions.

We will prove to you that the available freight prices - this is the key to the quality and high service of the service.


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