Multimodal shipments

E.L. Limonov, a distinguished expert in the field of multimodal container transportation, provides the most comprehensive and contemporary description of this type of transport. Here are some excerpts from his work, "Foreign Trade Operations of Maritime Transport and Multimodal Transportation":

"Containerization of international freight flows has brought about profound changes not only in the material and technical base of transportation but also in the organization and commercial practices of international shipping.

Clients and operators of container transport have abandoned the traditional system of delivering cargo by each mode of transport in isolation from each other, transitioning to integrated multimodal transportation.

Multimodal transportation is carried out throughout its entire length under a single transport document (multimodal bill of lading), with the responsibility of a single carrier and payment by the client of a unified through rate.

The operator of multimodal transportation (OMT) acts as a carrier under the contract. They enter into contracts with actual carriers and settle with them for the work performed; they are responsible to their client for the safety of the cargo throughout its journey.

Multimodal maritime transportation
Delivery operations are performed by the OMT itself, through its subsidiaries and branches, or based on a subcontract with other specialized companies:
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Maritime, railway, road, aviation, and river (including river-sea) carriers.
Operators of container terminals, i.e., companies that own specialized port or railway terminals or lease such terminals.
Port forwarding companies, engaged in customs clearance and processing of accompanying documents.
Warehousing companies, providing cargo storage and processing (repair and replacement of packaging, assembly of shipments, loading cargo into containers, labeling).
If necessary, the OMT may involve other companies: leasing, surveying, auditing."

The activities of the "FMA Logistics" group of companies are focused on conducting multimodal container transportation, which is its main specialization. Our geography covers various directions, such as Southeast Asia (including China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia), India, countries of the Mediterranean, and Latin America. If you require multimodal container transportation of cargo, we provide a full range of services, including:

Determining the optimal route for cargo, receiving and consolidating cargo, inspecting cargo before shipment (using surveying services), packaging, recounting, and marking cargo.

Cargo insurance.

Warehouse storage services, organizing cargo transportation by one or several types of transport, organizing cargo redirection in transit, and tracking the cargo's location.

Multimodal transportation involves the use of various types of transport.
One of the advantages of working with our company is the ability to order customs clearance and forwarding at the port.

We also organize ground delivery from ports such as St. Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, and Arkhangelsk.
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In addition, we guarantee an individual approach to each order, competitive market rates, and special service conditions.

Advantages of container transportation are evident today, making this mode of transportation one of the most sought after. This is primarily due to their affordable cost for long distances.

This mode of transport is recognized as practical and in demand by clients, as containers provide reliable protection for the cargo during transportation. With proper packing and securing of the cargo inside the container, the safety of the cargo and its packaging is guaranteed.

Another key feature of multimodal container transportation is the standardization of the process, resulting in simplified document workflow and cargo expedition systems.

There is a wide variety of standardized types of containers for transportation, selected based on the type of cargo and the means of transport:

Universal and specialized containers.

Containers of high (2895 mm) and standard size (2591 mm).

Depending on the type of cargo: refrigerated, insulated, open, tanks.

Container transportation by road.
Cargo transportation in containers can be organized by almost any mode of transport – road, railway, and maritime. "FMA Logistics" organizes multimodal container transportation using various modes of transport.

Cost of cargo transportation in containers
During multimodal container transportation, the cost of transportation may vary depending on several key factors:

Characteristics of the cargo, such as volume, weight, and type of goods.

Geographical location of the places of shipment and final delivery of the cargo, including seasonal fluctuations in tariffs and fees.
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In addition to this, the managers of the "FMA Logistics" group take into account the client's needs:

Required delivery times.

Required transport conditions, such as types of transport and container specifications.

Places and timing of customs clearance, as well as preferences in choosing direct service providers.

The experience and professionalism of the managers of the group of companies allow them to formulate price proposals for multimodal container transportation in the shortest possible time.


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