Port forwarding

 Intra port forwarding is one of the main services which the Formag Forvarding group of companies renders directly by own efforts. This service captures the essence of all process of forwarding (from English "to accelerate" "expedite").

Content of intra port forwarding

The list of problems which are solved by the forwarding agent in port consists of more than 20 line items. The most important of them are the following.

  • Choice of the most optimum terminal for load handling of the customer. The choice depends on load type (normal, dangerous, refrigerator); from readiness of commodity-transport documents by the time of arrival of a load in port; of schedulable period of a customs clearance; from mode of transport which plans further cargo delivery to a warehouse of the receiver and from many other factors.
  • Tracing of arrival of loads in port. Cases when the information on arrival of a load posted on the website of carrier is non-credible are frequent. The forwarding agent carries out an inspection of a location of a load on several sources.
  • Signing of the contracts with all containerized routes and agents of lines in port. At Formag Forvarding group of companies the specific tariffs and working conditions which differ from reference conditions are signed with the majority of lines.
  • Carrying out advance calculations with containerized routes and possible additional expenses agents of lines for port handling. This service often is some kind of crediting of the customer.
  • Coordination and receipt of permissions on processing and storage in port of dangerous, regime and off-gage loads. Minimization of periods of execution of all necessary intra port documentation.
  • Carrying out necessary intra terminal transactions with loads of customers (examination, weighing, etc.) both upon the demand of monitoring bodies, and according to the request of the customer. The organization of immediate cargo exportation from port for completion of process of a customs clearance

It is very important to select the reliable company which is capable to organize quickly and qualitatively all process, has work experience on all terminals of port, has an extensive contractual basis with all sea lines and control authorities and certifications which can participate in process of intra port freight forwarding.

The Formag Forvarding group of companies has own staff for rendering service of intra port forwarding in the largest ports of Russia: St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk; has long experience of operation with loads in the territory of these ports and guarantees quality of the operation.

Forwarding in port is impossible without qualitative logistics, process is not restricted to arrival of a load in port and documentary execution of the export permit of a load. Practically in all cases the subsequent cargo transportation is required. The Formag Forvarding group of companies can also undertake the organization of this process.

The cost of forwarding services in the port of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk

Specialists of our company work in the largest ports of the country and know all specifics of registration of loads. The cost of forwarding services is calculated individually for each client and depends on the following key characteristics:

  •     from the volume and a type of the arrived load,
  •     the time spent for port area,
  •     need of further transportation.