Port forwarding

Port forwarding is one of the key services that the "FMA Logistics" group of companies provides independently. This service reflects the essence of the entire forwarding process (from the English "expedite" - "to expedite").

The content of port forwarding includes more than 20 tasks that the forwarder solves in the port. The most important of them include:

1. Choosing the optimal terminal for processing customer's cargo, taking into account the type of cargo (ordinary, dangerous, refrigerated), readiness of documents upon arrival, customs clearance deadlines, type of transport for subsequent delivery, and other factors.

2. Tracking the arrival of goods in the port, including verification of arrival information from various sources, especially in cases of unreliable information on the carrier's website.

3. Contracting with container lines and line agents in the port, including special tariffs and conditions different from standard ones.

4. Making advance payments to container lines and line agents for possible additional expenses for cargo processing in the port, providing clients with a kind of crediting.

5. Coordinating and obtaining permits for processing and storage of hazardous, regulated, and oversized cargo in the port, aiming to minimize the processing time of the necessary intra-port documentation.

6. Conducting necessary intra-terminal operations with customer's cargo (inspection, weighing, etc.) at the request of regulatory authorities and the customer, organizing the immediate removal of goods from the port after completing customs clearance.

The choice of a reliable company is a critical stage, as it is necessary to ensure a fast and high-quality organization of the entire process. It is emphasized that the company should have extensive experience in working at all port terminals, establish long-term relationships with shipping lines and control and certification bodies actively involved in the intra-port forwarding process.

The "FMA Logistics" group
of companies has its own team of qualified specialists ready to provide intra-port forwarding services in the largest ports of Russia, such as St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk. The company has many years of experience with goods in these ports and guarantees a high standard of its activities.
Effective port forwarding is impossible without quality logistics because the process extends beyond the arrival of the cargo in the port and the documentation for export clearance. In most cases, subsequent transportation of the cargo is required, and the "FMA Logistics" group of companies is ready to organize this process.

The cost of forwarding services in the ports of St. Petersburg and Novorossiysk is calculated individually for each client and depends on several key parameters:

The volume and type of the arrived cargo.
The duration of the cargo's stay in the port.
The need for further transportation of the cargo.
The specialists of our company, operating in the country's largest ports, possess experience and knowledge of the entire specificity of cargo documentation, enabling the provision of high-quality forwarding services.

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