Food and confectionery products

Transportation of food and confectionery products refers to services of increased complexity. This is due to the special conditions of delivery of this group of products. Compliance with all requirements is a very important moment and a guarantee of the quality of transportation.


The Formag Forwarding Group of Companies has extensive experience in cooperation with major importers and manufacturers of confectionery and other food products.

Therefore, we offer ready-made solutions and profitable options in this direction of transportation:

  • delivery of imported food additives (finished products, raw materials, food packaging and equipment for its production) for production lines in Russia;
  • export deliveries of confectionery products by road to the CIS countries and Europe;
  • delivery of culinary products by sea to the countries of Southeast Asia and to such specific destinations as, for example, the Canary Islands;
  • optimization of costs for marine export and import of food products that require special temperature conditions;
  • providing favorable conditions for the storage of cargo in the port and special conditions for the use of refrigerated equipment (demurrage);
  • organization of repacking in warehouses using the services of a surveyor;
  • organization of survey inspection of the condition of deep-frozen cargo.
Specifics of food transportation

Confectionery and other food products are classified as perishable goods. Therefore, strict compliance with the temperature regime of transportation and sanitary standards of all types of goods (both deep-frozen products and those just collected from the field) is the main requirement for any delivery.

Moreover, there are specific conditions for the delivery of different food categories: animal products (meat, fish, caviar, milk, eggs), processed products (fats, sausages and dairy products, etc.) and vegetable products (vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries, nuts).

This is especially difficult in the case of transcontinental transportation. Here are the main food transportation requirements:

  • transportation of different categories of products is possible only when using the appropriate method of packaging and packaging: trays, hooks, boxes, pallets, etc.;
  • it is necessary to observe the temperature regime according to the indicators of thermographs;
  • full tightness of the transport container is required during transportation;
  • transportation of food and confectionery products is only possible when using specific types of containers: flexi-tank, refrigerators, canteens, tanks, etc.;
  • the delivery period for many product categories (for example, salmon fish) is limited;
  • there are special requirements for simultaneous delivery of different product groups.

Transportation of food products with the Formag Forwarding group of companies allows you to significantly reduce the cost and delivery time, as well as to transport the cargo in marketable form and ready for use or sale.

Advantages of transportation of food and confectionery products with the Formag Forwarding Group of companies
  • we are ready to commit to the delivery of products of any kind: chilled, natural or frozen;
  • cargo delivery takes place as soon as possible;
  • we carry out transportation of deep-frozen products on modern refrigerators with the possibility of setting the set temperature;
  • food can be delivered directly to the customer at the warehouse, base, store, etc.;
  • organize storage in rented storage areas;
  • we work with a modern fleet for the transportation of food;
  • we have a wide geography and professionally established logistics.

We are ready to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to any task on transportation of food products, as well as provide favorable tariffs that are calculated individually depending on the regularity, volume and type of cargo, temperature, distance.