Project cargo

Oversized transportation this is the transportation of goods whose size exceeds the limits of acceptable parameters.

In the specifics of the group of companies "Formag Forwarding", the cargo is considered as oversized if its size or weight exceeds the internal dimensions of the standard ISO container or its load capacity.

Most often this technique includes: construction machinery and equipment, tanks, silos, transformers, metal structures, military equipment, ships, industrial equipment and other cargo.

Formag Forwarding Group of Companies provides a wide range of services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo on the territory of Russia and neighboring countries, including international destinations (South-East Asia, America, Europe).

Stages of oversized cargo transportation

The organization of transportation of bulky cargo by the group of companies "Formag Forwarding" is carried out in several stages, each of which requires compliance with special requirements and certain preparatory work.

  • Registration of accompanying and regulatory documentation.
  • Development of the route taking into account the logistics and dimensions of the cargo.
  • Choosing the optimal transport that allows you to transport the cargo with the correct load distribution on the vehicle.
  • Coordination with the supervisory authorities.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Implementation of loading and unloading operations.
  • The actual transportation itself.

We carry out prompt and high-quality transportation of bulky cargo by sea using a special container equipment of sea lines (open-top, flat-rack, etc.), using the Ro-Ro transportation scheme, as well as full or partial chartering of a sea vessel; rail transport using gondola cars or platforms, Air transportations, by road.

Therefore, you can always be sure of the timing and safety of delivery on international and domestic routes.

Features and requirements for the transportation of oversized cargo

When transporting oversized cargo special requirements are imposed both on the transport company, as well as on the transportation process itself and the loading conditions. First of all, this concerns the reliability of transport (taking into account the weight and volume of cargo) and the carrier's experience with these types of cargo.

A mandatory condition for the transportation of oversized cargo is the approval of the documentation and the scheme of such transportation with the necessary regulatory authorities, as well as insurance for the transportation of oversized cargo.

When you contact us for the service of transportation of oversized cargo, you can be sure that all equipment passes a full and timely inspection, and we are responsible for delivery.

Formag Forwarding Group values its reputation, so we are ready to provide all the necessary equipment and related services that will allow you to transport any cargo over any distance.

The cost of transportation of oversized cargo

The cost of transportation of oversized cargo is calculated individually for each client, as it depends on a number of parameters. Among the main ones:

  • length, width, height and weight of the cargo;
  • hazard class;
  • type of equipment for transportation;
  • route;
  • the urgency of transport;
  • support the inspection;
  • the need for loading and unloading;
  • insurance of goods.